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Do you always put your clients' interests first?

Do you currently serve (or seek to serve) multiple generations within a client family?

Do you believe in (and practice or seek to practice) holistic, comprehensive financial planning?

Do you believe that every interaction that a client has with you/your firm should leave him/her/them delighted?

Do you want to be affiliated with other professionals who are committed to demonstrating the highest possible levels of integrity and innovation?

Do you want to be affiliated with - and/or have your clients served by - a firm that believes in and practices 'evolutionary excellence' - the discipline/practice that we must always do our best in serving our clients and then continually develop ourselves to do so even more excellently over time?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, then you should consider exploring an affiliation with Intellectual Capital Group (ICG). We believe in - and, most importantly, practice - all of these values - and more - and seek to be the Firm of Choice for similarly inclined Exceptional Professionals (whether you're seeking to transition out of your practice in a year or two or want to continue serving your clients for many years while affiliating with a firm with a strong, positive culture, client commitment and market position).

In sum, at ICG, we're seeking to attract a diverse group of supremely skilled and -committed and client-centered professionals who want to work closely with clients and thereby help them to enjoy the fulfilled lives of meaning and significance that they envision for themselves and their loved ones - or who want to transition their practice to a firm that will do so - and in so doing to live that kind of life themselves. Connect with ICG for an initial exploratory conversation: at worst we'll part as friends and at best we'll begin as partners....

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