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I have successfully acquired 2 practices in the last 9 years and would be interested in acquiring another. My team understands what is involved in making a smooth transition while creating a win/win/___ you, me and the client.

My process involves helping clients develop a customized financial GamePlan, using MoneyGuidePro, focusing on the client's needs, wants, and wishes. My systems and processes were created to allow my practice to be scalable, therefore my team will be able to provide 1st class service to any additionally acquired households. I have offices in Maumee, Bowling Green, and Findlay, and can meet at the location most convenient for the client. I am also willing to pay a significant premium for the ideal ___ the seller is willing to transition their practice to my Broker-Dealer. The significant premium would also include a willingness to allow a transition to a fee-based platform, where MoneyGuidePro indicates it could be in the client's best interest.

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