20/20 Financial Planning LLC. and 20/20 Capital Management Inc. combine to create a planning firm with 11 offices and 7 partners nationwide. We currently have over $600,000,000 in AUM, most of it invested in our customized portfolio’s. We’re a HYBRID RIA using a holistic planning approach as the core discipline. Firm wide we generate 70% of our revenues from fees (WRAP and Planning) and the balance from insurance, annuities, mutual funds and alternative investments products. Since all of the producers originally came from the insurance industry, we're strong believers in Life Insurance, Planning and Annuities.
Our CRM data base is an open platform which provides access to producers across the country to facilitate joint work. Our total assets under administration, including insurance and annuities is over $1.5 Billion, with annual insurance premiums at $13 Million. Our total insurance face amount hovers over $14 Billion in force.
We're looking to expand and grow the company, targeting a goal of $3 Billion of AUM within 5 years while adding additional offices and partners. New associates benefit from national exposure, cross marketing among various partners and expertise. Every associate and partner who has joined forces with us has benefited not only with increased income and net worth, but also practice management and business continuation programs. If you want to grow your practice and have a method in place to protect your business and family, we could be the solution.
My name is Stephen D. Ambrosini and I'm the CEO of 2020 Financial Planning. From your Succession page, you may be a candidate to join us. If I misread that, please accept my apologies. If you're interested let's begin a conversation. Contact me either with email at ___ or call me direct at ___-___-____.
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