$100MM AUM | $850,000 GDC in Laguna Beach, CA

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I am an experienced and ethical independent RIA, clearing through Scwhab, seeking parties who are interested in finding a Succession partner or Selling their practice. I will also consider a merger that leads to a party succeeded or selling their practice.

My practice was built on providing complimentary Financial Planning (via eMoney) and charging a fee for Investment Management (65bps-150bps). 100% Fee. No commission. No Annuities. Very very little Insurance (estate planning only). Most of our clients are invested in our self-managed, low cost, ETF/Mutual Fund portfolios. I spent 15 years with large wall street firms and the past 9 years as independent RIA. I am a knowledgeable and experienced businessman with a desire to to grow to $200-$300 Million AUM within the next 1-3 years, via win-win acquisitions and organic growth.

If you are interested in Succession or Selling, let's talk. I would welcome the opportunity to chat by phone or share a cup of coffee or meet for lunch. No pressure.

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