We are a successful, fee-based, consultative advisory firm operating as a 7 member team and looking to grow. We have a highly developed infrastructure and a process-driven service team that will support additional clients and accounts. Our transparency and integrity have enabled us to continually experience organic growth of 10% per year through client and COI referrals, but we would love to augment that with strategic acquisitions. We primarily serve business owners and professionals, and have worked closely with CPAs in serving their clients for 20 years. We provide full service financial and estate planning, and offer high-end tax planning through a network of best of class specialists located around the country.

In addition to the individuals we serve, we are highly focused in advising private companies and not-for-profits in managing their 401k plans. We've been serving this market with distinction for 25 years, and offer premier a level of service and expertise.

We recognize that many in this industry have spent a career focused on advising and servicing clients, and would now love the advantages and peace of mind that come with having a fully developed team to support them in leading their clients - especially as they look to transition to the next chapter in their lives. If this describes you at all, we need to talk.

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