$16MM AUM | $150,000 GDC in San Marino, CA

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Looking to acquire a practice from a retiring Advisor who wants a trustworthy Advisor to take care of his clients.

Currently manages about 14mm in assets. Clients are conservative, mostly retired, and fall somewhere between middle class and affluent.

Started at a traditional wire house, primarily focusing on Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds. Then spent 10 years at a Bank Brokerage, primarily marketing and selling annuities (which is where his clients originated). About 12 years ago, became an Independent Financial Advisor/ Registered Principal (series 24). Having worked for both traditional brokerage firm and bank brokerage, gives him a more complete understanding of the financial markets and insight on how to best serve clients.

"While I continue to manage and grow my business, I welcome the possibility of acquiring another book, either through succession or buy/sell. I have plenty of 'band-width' to handle more customers, and...
- My part time secretary wants more work!!!"

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