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RMR Wealth Builders, a well-established independent financial organization founded in 1986, focuses on creating investments and wealth management solutions for individuals and families, charities, foundations, pension plans and businesses. We strive to cultivate a long term “culture of success” and enduring client relationships built upon our principles of: Integrity • Honesty • Diligence • Service • Responsibility • Accountability • Values • Ethics.

For over three decades, RMR Wealth Builders has grown organically as well as through its expansive professional network of CPA and legal affiliations and relationships. RMR Wealth Builders has also grown through the acquisition of advisor practices and recruiting.

RMR Wealth Builders, Inc. is actively dedicated to the cultivation and development of mutually beneficial relationships, including the purchase, acquisition and integration of advisors practices in a manner that is comfortable, agreeable and rewarding to all parties.

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