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At IPI Wealth Management, integrity is key to the way we do business. Our integrity and independence enable us to deliver our services based on the Fiduciary Standard, which means we have our clients best interests in mind.

We believe performance is more than the return on investment; it’s making sure our clients are meeting their lifestyle goals along the way. That’s why our financial planning process starts by getting to know them personally.

We are wealth advisors who primarily serve executives and successful professionals who found themselves in career transition at no fault of their own. Using our proprietary planning process we help them to clearly evaluate where they are on their financial journey and determine if that is the path that suits them the best.

If this is the end of their primary career path, we help them to determine what the next chapter of their life includes and develop a plan for them to do what they want, when they want, and at the frequency that they want without the fear of running out of resources.

We use the latest technology to enhance the personalized service they receive, not to replace it.

We are looking to partner with other successful financial advisors no matter what season of their career they might be in. For someone in the later years of their career, we are looking to provide them a professional organization that can allow them to maintain their best relationships (for as long as they wish) while having the comfort to know the other relationships are being serviced at the highest standard. For the advisor in the middle of their career, we are a respected organization that can help them to take their business to the next level. For the newer advisor, we are looking to grow substantially in the next 5 years in both revenue and the number of teammates and are looking for others who wish to be part of that future success.

We know each merger or purchase is unique and we understand that we must be extremely flexible in our terms to be sure that the future teammates' objectives and goals are met. That is what we do to help our clients and that is what we will do to help any new teammate.

We live by the Fiduciary Standard and will expect any future teammate to do the same.

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