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Huygens is a digital investment advisor. ___

If you are:
- An advisor with an existing book of business, looking to partner with or join our firm and offer your clients and prospects an intuitive, digitally enabled product suite to accelerate your asset gathering
- An established RIA looking to white-label our intuitive front-end website technology solution as a way to offer your existing strategies to your clients and prospects

then we'd love to connect with you - please reach out to us and we'll set up a demo and explore the possibilities.

We offer advisors a digital engagement platform that is investment strategy agnostic. If you are seeking a seamless intuitive web interface to engage and onboard new clients, check us out. We want to make our platform available to other wealth managers seeking a way to digitally engage with prospects and clients.

We also offer a core-satellite robo advisor solution that is customer-friendly. The core is a diversified smart-beta portfolio; the satellites are our proprietary, tactical asset allocation strategies, driven by our two systematic indicators: our equity market stress indicator, and our derivatives market stress indicator.

Customers are able to select their specific portfolio composition based on their risk tolerance and desired exposures.

Send us a message and we'd love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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