We focus on all the requirements of the family or institutions with whom we work. In many cases, this means portfolio management solely. For other clients, we can operate as their complete private back office.

Sometimes we realize that our clients may not fully recognize all the major services – to say nothing of the many “little things” – that we are capable of doing at our firm. So here is a brief summary of the numerous features that make our firm unique.

MANAGEMENT DEPTH: Our greatest strength is our people, what they know and what they are willing to do on behalf of clients.

PRIVATE FAMILY OFFICES: We are an independent, personalized investment management firm for individuals, families, and institutions. Our specialty is serving intergenerational family needs – what we sometimes call being advisor to the “family web.”

CUSTOMIZED SERVICES: We tailor what we do to what you need – and that can include:

Flexible reporting presentations on your assets and transactions.
Consolidated reports that can include all family members.
Collection and disbursement of income.
Preparation of tax filings: either in-house or in cooperation with your tax advisor.

FINANCIAL PLANNING: We can help you to prepare a long-term financial plan, monitor that plan over time, and make adjustments as circumstances change.

TRUST AND ESTATE MANAGEMENT: We will administer trusts and estates in conjunction with your attorney, accountant, or other professionals.

ALL THE "LITTLE THINGS" We will assist with whatever makes your life easier -- everything from paying bills to helping refinance a mortgage.

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