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We are a unique RIA partnering with a select group of high growth RIA firms across the country to massively increase your growth and the value of your firm.

We provide a unique model that will:

1. Significantly increase your annual cashflow
2. Double the value of your firm
3. Dramatically improve your investment process and outcomes

We do this at your current AUM level and without adding a single dollar of cost to your firm.

We are former institutional portfolio managers working collaboratively with independent investment advisors. We partner with RIA firms across the country to help them define/refine their investment strategy and actively manage client portfolios. In EVERY case we have engaged with an advisor, we have dramatically improved the professionalism, efficiency, and efficacy of their investment strategies, portfolios, and their investment outcome.

We seek strategic partnerships, we DO NOT seek equity in your firm or any part of your advisory fee.

Key Attributes of our Model:

1. No need to change firms/Custodians/Broker-Dealer – Completely relationship agnostic

2. Massive cost savings on internal investment and support staff

3. High-Quality Institutional Staff - 2 ___, 5 CFA/MBA or both, and a dedicated trader. Over 150 years of combined institutional investment experience across
equity, fixed income, alternatives.

4. A highly differentiated investment offering - Vastly superior to the offerings from other generic OCIO offerings from SEI, Assetmark, Brinker, Clark, etc.

• Sets your practice apart from every other commodity investment offering!
• Use of boutique investment management firms, covered call strategies, portfolio protection strategies, other high-value institutional
strategies for your retail clients.

5. Equity ownership opportunity in our company available for a limited number of advisors/teams

• Equity Ownership in the Partnership will double the value of your advisory firm - A very unique opportunity in the industry!

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