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I own an RIA. We have been working as fee-only advisors for years and recently established our own RIA. Currently a 5 person team with 2 CFP's.

I have positioned the company as a comprehensive wealth management firm which caters to small business owners, pre-retirees and blue-collar Gex x,y. Recently we received the "Top 100 Investopedia" National Advisor award. I personally write as a contributor for Kiplinger, Forbes and have been featured in many other national publications. We have a robust marketing plan which has lead to 200% growth in past 2 years. We are completely digital and cutting edge.

We are having such an influx of prospective clients from our marketing efforts, that I am beginning to search for other advisors who can join, merge, or sell their book and incorporate into with the firm.

If you are interested in a succession, merging, or potentially selling a practice, I would be interested in talking. I would prefer to work with someone who is in the East TN region.

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