We are a boutique, high-end wealth management firm that is unique to the Arkansas market. We place a heavy emphasis on being involved in all aspects of our clients' financial, investment and estate planning and working with their existing advisors (CPAs, tax attorneys, etc). Our team includes 2 non-practicing attorneys, 2CFP's, 2 non-practicing CPAs as well as an in-house insurance underwriter with an FALU designation (the only one in Arkansas). We have a close relationship with the largest independent money manager platform in the country and also with one of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the alterative investment space. In addition to our securities business, we have a substantial high end life insurance practice and work with several of the wealthiest families in Arkansas and around the country.

We are interested in integrating additional advisors or teams who desire to practice in an environment where management strives to make decisions each day on what is in the best interest of the clients and the advisors that serve them. We are an ideal firm for advisors that desire to work more with the affluent and ultra-affluent but realize they lack the internal resources, skill sets and/or market presence to attract and adequately serve them. We also believe we are a superior option for advisors working at a wire house or other large firm that is managed elsewhere and focused on profitability over client service and experience.

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