Merit Financial Group is proud to be one of the fastest-growing Registered Investment Advisory firms in an ever-competitive and ever-changing financial services industry. A pioneer among such firms, we partner with advisors and teams to help serve as a driving force, thus ensuring their ultimate success. Our promise: you maintain autonomy and control while receiving the unmatched support needed for exponential growth. You can achieve the independence you desire, but you are never alone.

Merit is a financial services firm that seeks to assist clients in establishing their financial goals, and works to provide the education and tools required for the pursuit of their desired financial futures. We provide reliable and objective financial advice by establishing a genuine and long-lasting relationship with our clients. In addition, we administer an array of financial services, all-the-while remaining focused on our clients' personal growth and stated financial goals. We believe that we can help address the retirement challenges in America by bringing financial freedom, wellness and confidence to the working population and retirees.
Our mission is to create the ultimate client experience. We strive to exceed client expectations by providing the best possible service through trusted relationships.

Having achieved over 50% growth in AUM, revenue, EBIDTA, and distributable cash flow in the last two years, Merit is uniquely positioned to disrupt the financial services industry. To capitalize on all of the opportunities we have now and will have in the future, we are laser-focused on three initiatives. The first is organic growth and the institutionalization of our marketing. Through our corporate financial wellness company, Mentoro, and our inbound marketing efforts, we will fill our advisors’ calendars with qualified leads. Our second initiative is harvesting and growing our team talent. We are 100+ people strong and have some of the brightest and most talented people in our industry. We will continue to pour time and resources into them so our team members may reach their professional goals and increase their contribution to the firm. We will continue our efforts around attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. The third focus is on finding the right partners. For long-term growth and to maximize impact through our continued merger and acquisition activities, we will benefit from partnering with other like-minded firms that provide significant synergies. By focusing on these three areas, we can easily see Merit as a $10 Billion firm within the next 3 to 5 years. We believe our industry is witnessing a shift similar to the history of the accounting industry in which there will be 8-10 large RIA firms that will dominate the marketplace. With our focus on institutionalizing marketing, growing our team talent, and finding the right partners, we see Merit as one of these select firms that will dominate the financial services industry in the near future.

With the recent addition of a major capital partner, Merit is poised to become a national wealth management/planning firm.

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