We are selectively collaborating with practices that that are looking for a successful transition partner for themselves and their clients. We understand this is emotional for advisors and know it is important to determine with them if we are a mutually good “fit”.

Our firm conducts itself as an actual ensemble practice, not an agency model. All team members are employees of the firm and share in a gain share based on the overall success of the firm. We also offer employees a finders fee for bringing in new business.

We have two ___ oldest is our original wealth management practice of 26 years and 21 years in the defined contribution space. (___ and ___ ). We provide heavy financial planning as part of our investment advisory model and leverage technology so we can spend more time helping clients achieve their live plans (return on life). We have clients in over 26 states and welcome a dialogue with advisors who seek a successful outcome for the transition of their practice and clients.

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