Founded in 1992 by Ken Winans, CMT, MBA , Winans Investments has received 5-star Morningstar ratings, and is a highly respected and performance driven asset manager. Ken Winans Pioneered a unique investment management style and award-winning financial history research. Ken also Developed and patented leading technical indicators and indexes in stocks and real estate. Winans Investments actively manages approximately $300mm in billable equity & fixed income assets.

We believe the primary job of an investment advisor is to meet the client’s overall investment goals during good markets and to minimize losses during bad markets. Our position is that knowing when to buy or sell can be as important as knowing what to buy or sell.

Through our proprietary market analysis, we actively monitor the long-term trends of the stock, bond and real estate markets. Doing so enables us to detect changes that may cause us to shift our overall investment mix. In some situations, we may turn defensive, temporarily keeping a large amount of cash out of the markets until favorable opportunities return. The objective is to allow our clients to take profits in a bull market when their goals have been exceeded and to buy during a bear market when opportunities exist.

Through our system, we can invest to meet the evolving needs of our individual clients. Winans Investments customizes portfolios by setting investment goals and asset allocations determined by the risk tolerance and personal needs of each client. Each portfolio is assigned a fixed, five-year cumulative performance goal. This goal is based on the long-term historical returns of growth (common stocks and real estate investment trusts) and income (bonds and preferred stocks) investments.

We’re not focused on short-term capital gains for higher gross quarter-to-quarter performance — that would only position our clients to paying unwanted taxes at the end of the year. At Winans, we pay close attention to after-tax returns where the emphasis is placed on investment quality to achieve portfolio growth rather than on short-term trading. We also emphasize investment placement within taxable and tax-deferred accounts to maximize after-tax returns.

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