Money Concepts Mid-America (MCMA) is a regional extension of Money Concepts International Corporation, supporting independent Financial and Wealth Management Advisors located throughout Missouri, southern Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, northern Colorado and Montana. Kenny Parker Sr., RFC has served as Regional Director since 1983 and has been with Money Concepts for thirty-seven years. Kenny’s entire family works with him at the regional office located in St. Peters, Missouri, along with a number of Financial Advisors and regional support staff.

Since 1979, financial professionals, banks, credit unions, and tax professionals have relied on Money Concepts as their financial broker-dealer. Money Concepts provides the infrastructure, tools, training, technology, marketing, compliance support, and non-proprietary products necessary to aid in the operation of financial service centers in an open and unbiased environment.

Financial Advisors are free to focus on the best interest of their clients without the intrusion of private product quotas, requirements, or limitations. Money Concepts offers thousands of independent non-proprietary financial products and services. This allows for delivery of custom financial strategies designed for client’s unique situations, without the limitations of corporate agendas and company product campaigns.

The MCMA Regional office is not only the epitome of an ethical, consistent, and thriving financial planning center, with a family-focused approach; it is unique in its use of creative advisor and client support and communications. With a “think differently” mindset applied to every process and possibility, MCMA is breaking new ground for its advisors and most importantly, its clients. The MCMA team has been asked by not only other Regional Directors, but also by Money Concepts’ Corporate to assist with national recruiting efforts and ongoing financial planning center development.

MCMA strives, in every way, to adhere to and exceed our corporate philosophies of integrity, commitment, fairness, credibility, opportunity, and enterprise. This firm commitment results in a stable nurturing environment for Financial Advisors to thrive and prosper as entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs who make a lasting positive difference in the lives of their families, their clients, and their communities. If you are interested in selling your firm Money Concepts will provide the support needed for your advisors and their clients.

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