I began my practice in 1977 as an Equitable life agent then in 1991 I moved to Phoenix life and WS Griffith securities. In 2004 Phoenix shut down their career force and sold us to LPL. At the time I had $600,000 of assets that I charged a fee for and $5 million in mutual funds and VUL. Today I manage over $38,000,000 plus $28,000,000 in 401 k plans plus 529 ,annuities etc They total over $85,000,000 in assets.
I also sell life insurance for business continuation planning, personal planning and estate planning with over $300,000,000 in face amounts and most likely more that that #. We generate in excess of $150,000 each year in Life commissions and last year over $250,000.00 in commissions. Total revenue for the firm in excess of $750,000.00
I recently brought in one of my children into the practice He had over two years working in a bank as an advisor. I am looking to add another advisor between the ages of 32 to 42. 3 to 5 years of experience and a book of 100k to 15k of GDC and looking to grow their business in a small team environment. The future could hold an equity position in the future based on production and meeting yearly goals.
I would prefer someone who is a former Teacher,coach ,athlete or military. A woman is a plus to round out my practice.
I am also looking to buy a practice that could fit in with our culture.

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