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We are a financial planning firm with a sharp focus on our clients and teammates. Our team, consisting of CPAs and CFPs have been consistently named "Five-Star Wealth Managers" over the years, and our firm was ranked as the #1 Best Place to Work by the Hartford Business Journal, a result of having built the infrastructure to allow our team to do what they like and work where they are best. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the firm in ways large and small, from securing the future of the firm through the purchase of our office building, to the founding of a national study group consisting of like minded firms, to hosting staff chili cook-offs and impromptu pizza parties and happy hours.

We have successfully merged two separate practices in the past, and found that 1+1 really can be 3, (for the clients, firm owners, and staff) given the right firms/people. We are carefully considering augmenting our internal growth through mergers or acquisitions in or outside of our Farmington office location, and would welcome an initial discussion.

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