$70MM AUM | $560,000 GDC in New Prague, MN

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We are our own Registered Investment Advisor with the State of Minnesota. There are two licensed advisors at our firm that work together as a team, along with an office assistant. 100% of our business is fee based and self managed, much of which is no load mutual funds, high quality muni bonds, bluechip stocks, some etfs and closed-end funds. One of the advisors provides insurance as a service for our clients.

We provide complete financial planning and investment management using our very own 5-point financial plan as well as our own proprietary investment models. We currently manage $70M+ and our next target AUM is $100M. Outstanding client service is a core competency. We are seeking a growth opportunity in our region which would allow an advisor to sell or merge with us. This could mean that person manages and operates from the new location, or, everything could get merged into our New Prague location to gain efficiencies. We like the idea of bringing up young advisors and training them to work with our team. We have our very own building located on Main Street in New Prague, and we do have capacity. Feel free to call my cell to discuss. ___-___-____. Thank You, Mike

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