We're an established and seasoned Advisory practice looking to grow again through an appropriate acquisition. We realize that the right 'fit' has to be there, and we'll take the proper amount of time to move through this process. We'd welcome an opportunity for introduction to see if it makes sense to start a conversation.

We are an independent Advisory firm, and as such pick & choose the investments, insurances, and financial strategies that make the most sense for our clients. We are paid as Advisers, not commissioned sales reps. The work we do for our clients is primarily Financial Planning-based. Through our affiliation with our B/D, we have access to a vast network of resources, products, services, and outside experts which (so far) have covered any need we've needed so far. Of course, being independent, we can still pick & choose what we will implement on behalf of our clients.

I've experienced an acquisition before with an Advisory firm about 10 years ago. That experience went very smoothly, with almost every client staying onboard through (and after) the transition.

We've invested heavily in systems, technology, and staff the last couple of years. We have processes for every step of our client experience - from initial onboarding to ongoing reviews. We have processes for everything we do here in the office. We've also increased our social media presence and community outreach.

In the end, this business comes down to relationships. When the relationship is a good fit, great things can come about. I've been in this industry for some time now, and the anchor that keeps me here is the continued opportunity to start new relationships and deepen the ones that are already there. It's a powerful thing to come alongside a client and walk them through different seasons of life - providing direction and counsel, freeing them up to live a life that has meaning and purpose. That's why I love doing this, and why I'm excited to grow and develop the business into the future. If you're looking for a good home for the client relationships you've developed over the years, please reach-out and let's be properly introduced!

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