Mercer Advisors is looking to partner with other “like-minded” RIAs to assist in capitalizing on current growth
opportunities our firm has identified in the market. The RIA industry is in a state of consolidation with many smaller
firms suffering from fee and profit margin compression due to increased regulation and competition. Mercer
Advisors seeks to level the playing field for smaller RIAs by providing an industry leading, platform organization that
has institutionalized all aspects of the wealth management business including all middle and back-office activities, so
the Advisor can focus time and attention on serving their ___ sharp contrast to other buyer RIAs that simply add new firms under a holding company structure with each subsidiary RIA doing their own thing, their own way, often times with competing investment philosophies and
different firm cultures (known in the industry as “Aggregators”), Mercer Advisors instead chooses to “integrate” with
best in class firms that share our commitment to high customer service, all under one brand, one vision, one P&L,
one company culture with all oars rowing in the same direction – toward our clients Economic Freedom®.

Mercer Global Advisors Inc. (Mercer Advisors) is an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser providing comprehensive
wealth management services to clients. Mercer Advisors differentiates itself by offering clients institutional-quality
portfolio management not typically available to the retail consumer, combined with an end-to-end service offering
including financial planning, investment management, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, group retirement
plans and administration, and corporate trustee services. Targeting the mass affluent market, Mercer Advisors has a
client base with an average portfolio size of $1.5 million.

As of March 2019, with over 360 employees, 100+ Certified Financial Planners™, CFAs, attorneys, MBAs and
retirement plan specialists, Mercer Advisors manages over $17 billion in assets on behalf of more than 10,000+
clients. Mercer Advisors maintains a strong national presence with 45 offices in major U.S. markets. Mercer Advisors
is committed to becoming the first truly national RIA in the United States providing Family Office services to real
families. Mercer Advisors intends to provide a Mayo Clinic approach to its clients’ financial needs. Specifically, all
financial subject matter experts working under one roof, with one brand, one mission – to help their clients achieve
Economic Freedom®.

Mercer Advisors provides many benefits to firms who partner with us:

- Full “Family Office” business model with dedicated service bureaus specially constructed to service client needs
in the areas of Estate Planning, Tax Planning and Return Preparation, Corporate Trustee, and other Family Office
services – all Advisors access these subject matter experts on-demand.
- Strong investment track record using best-in-class investment solutions, including separately managed accounts,
low-cost ETFs, industry leading ESGs, and institutional mutual funds.
- Best-in-class technology systems and CRM.
- In-house continuing education.
- Defined career paths for all staff (e.g., most of our Executive Team started at lower level positions in the
organization and worked their way up).
- Standardized work flows and templated financial planning modules capable of mass customization create a
common customer experience while leveraging Advisor time without having to create financial plans from scratch
(digitization of “client facing” financial planning work product); demonstrated Advisor Alpha with each financial
planning module delivered.
- Industry leading compensation for Client Advisors (CFP®s).
- Dedicated and independent sales force that grows the Mercer Advisors clientele and assigns those new clients to
Mercer Advisors Client Advisors

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