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The mission of my company is to uniquely support our clients by providing a close professional relationship which helps them realize their financial goals. By integrating the financial and psychological components for each client's unique plan and using our client's defined values and risk tolerance, we seek to achieve our clients stated objectives.

LF is a fee-based wealth manager firm that helps clients navigate their lifestyle and their wealth for their lives to multi-generational planning. LF has an excellent referral network which allows it to introduce their clients to other professionals who can help them with other important aspects of their lives.

LF has a fairly broad base of clients. They include affluent high profile clientele – entertainment business and professional athletes - to high level corporate executives to the millionaire next door that you would have no idea had any great wealth. For the most part LF uses fee-based management - finding the best of the best 3rd party money managers that complement each other along with a laddered out muni bond portfolio - to help assist our clients reach, maintain or exceed their goals / objectives.

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