International Asset Management is a RIA firm specializing in investment management and financial planning for expatriates or for Americans living outside the USA and non-US citizens living in the USA. We do investment management and financial planning in-house and have a global network of other professionals who provide tax, estate planning, and insurance services. We do not use mutual funds, preferring to use individual securities and exchange-traded funds. We are active managers and conduct our own research as well as buy investment research from other providers.

Due to the volume of prospective client enquiries and the potential to significantly expand our business, I am looking for an advisor to join our firm who can help manage client accounts and relationships. Ideally it would be someone who is familiar with how a RIA firm works, compliance issues, onboarding clients, and who is an active investment manager with a CFA or other investment management credential.

Interested parties can contact us through our website at: ___

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