Hello my name is Jeremy Rettich and I am the President at Virtue Advisors (___) and Virtue Capital Management ___ and for advisors review only ___) located in Nashville, TN. Virtue Advisors "VA" is a insurance marketing organization that mentors, training and supports independent advisors all over the county. The advisors we work with at VA primary focus on the age 50+ marketplace and lean on us to help them grow their practice and help identify the best possible fixed annuity, fixed indexed annuity, life insurance and LTC solutions for each of their clients. Virtue Advisors has been in business in middle TN since 2011.

Virtue Capital Management was formed in late 2013 and for the fist 18+ months we did no advertising or recruiting instead we worked on building our our technology, investment solutions and support systems. Most of our growth has taken place over the last 18 months and it is 100% organically and not by acquisition, we hope to change that in 2017. With that said we formed our first RIA 2006 and with my father transitioning into retirement we sold our remaining interest in December 2016 the previous RIAs assets were at approximately $1.5 billion at this time. I share this information so that you are able to better understand our business model, we have a deep understanding on "how to" implement holistic financial planning strategies not only to advisors across the country, but also to their clients and the clients we serve on the retail side here in Nashville, TN.

I am also a independent financial advisor and have a personal "retail" practice Virtue Financial Advisors, LLC (___) where we focused on income planning, retirement planning and the universe of investment options. I am second generation in the financial services industry, I am in my early 40's, and I would like to see our companies continue to grow organically but also by acquisition.

A few key points related to Virtue Capital Management
1) We use all their party money mangers (primary institutional).
2) We have approximately 45 investment strategies on or platform.
3) Approximately 70% of the strategies on our platform are tactical in nature and can go defensive, the remaining strategies are strategic.
4) We believe in blending both tactical and strategic strategies together can potentially benefit certain investors over a full market cycle.
5) Looking at what powers the 45 strategies you will find 60% are ETFs strategies, 30% are stock strategies and 10% MF strategies.
6) Although we are not CPA's or attorneys we have a firm understanding of tax strategies as well as identifying where estate planning strategies may be able to be executed and when identified we work with a network of CPAs and attorneys to put those strategies into place.
7) We currently custody all assets at TD Ameritrade but are close to finalizing bringing on Fidelity.

A little information about me personally
1) I live with my wife Nomi we have four children and live in Nolensville, TN.
2) I have worked my entire life (with the exception of 2 years) with one of my best friends (James Webb) going all the way back to farming/cutting tobacco in the early 90's. James is the VP of VA and VCM and has a personal practice in Nashville, TN.
3) I love spending time and entertaining loved ones, grilling/smoking food, hunting and fishing.

I encourage you to look at our firms websites and if you feel there may be some synergies with our firms please contact me and we can schedule a time to visit.

I will leave you with two of the many quotes I enjoy:
1) "I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" - Jimmy Dean.
2) "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style" - Maya Angelou


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