I am a Managing Partner, Private Wealth Advisor and Owner of RDG Wealth Management, LLC. We are the financial services division of RDG+ Partners CPA firm. We are in the process of building something that is incredibly unique, and to the best of my knowledge, does not exist anywhere else. On top of having a Retirement Planning Division, benefits division and a payroll division, we have 20+ CPA's and 7 Partners of the CPA firm, as in-house resources. Our model is fully customizable to accommodate any needs a financial advisor might have. For example, if you want the highest payout possible, you want to decide how to spend your money, you want to operate under your own DBA and you want the ability to network and use all of the resources above, we have that model. Or, if you would prefer a lower payout, with no expenses, you need office space and you want to utilize some of the resources mentioned, we have that model. Or anything in-between, in any combination. And with our model, you own your practice 100%! For the right advisor, there are Partner opportunities, if it is mutually a good fit. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me to have a private conversation.

Tom Queri

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