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I own a financial advisory practice (a hybrid RIA with LPL as my primary B.D.) with $190 million AUM doing roughly $1.1 million in gross revenue annually. My practice is a bit different; half the aum are retirement plans which represent 35% of the revenue, but it is all recurring revenue. The private wealth assets come primarily from owners and highly compensated employees of the retirement plans we serve(which makes both asset bases very "sticky) and these PW assets represent the other half of AUM. The revenue mix for that 2/3 of the practice is 75% recurring (fee-based or annuity trails) and 25% is commission (mostly annuities and alt. investments- but that is changing with 15-02 and we will be using Institutional share A.I. which will add to recurring revenue as a fee but reduce commensurately). My primary hope from this is to find acquisition opportunities both around the Tampa bay area as well as in either the Greenville, NC or the Triad area of western North Carolina. I am currently selling a practice I acquired in 2011 and will have capital to invest in a practice or practices in the geographic areas where my primary client base is. Thank you.

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