Triune was born in 2005 as an independent advisory firm. Each of our 5 partners had grown up in the “retail” financial world, where a bank, insurance company or brokerage firm was involved “behind the scenes”. We had three simple ideals:

1. Be fiercely independent. We wanted to escape from the inherent conflicts that exist in the industry.
2. Specialize. The industry seems to encourage jacks-of-all-trades – or utility infielders – which breeds mediocrity. We wanted to get the BEST people on the bus, then TURN THEM LOOSE to specialize in their passion.
3. Recognize the Bible as the ultimate financial guide. With more than 2,350 verses about money and possessions, apparently God DOES CARE about how we handle what He blesses us with. Yet that doesn’t get too much play on CNBC or in the Wall Street Journal, does it?

We’re not like most firms, and we are not a fit for most advisors. Intrigued?

Triune highlights:
5 partners, all with 25-40 years of experience
2 Next Generation advisors
We demand credentialization (CFP®, MBA, CFA, ChFC, CLU, Certified Kingdom Advisor®)
An investment discipline rooted in academic research
Fully transparent regarding our fees
Specialties include deep financial planning, investment management & 401k plan services
We also handle risk management for our clients (insurance, estate and business planning, etc.)
Our partners take an annual 30 day Sabbatical (no phone calls, emails or client contact allowed)
We offer a written buy-­out in the event of death, disability or retirement.
Triune handles all hiring and firing of Staff
Excellent medical insurance and other group insurance benefits
Safe Harbor 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan

Think we’re a fit? Let’s talk more.

We are Partners In Conversation℠ with our clients – and hopefully with you too.

I am grateful for your consideration,

Jim Mullinix
Managing Partner

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