Like most of you, our focus is clearly on our client relationships. We recognize that is such a cliché statement, but could not think of a more fitting opening line. We are a small - but growing team with both team practices and individual practices operating under our one roof. Our business composition is both fee-based and commissions. While we would prefer to be all fee-based, there is a segment of our client population for which it is not appealing. We also have a small but quickly growing 401(k) practice with quite a few healthy plans under management.
We are a growing firm. Born from the ashes of our experiences with a super-regional (sold to a bank) and then a wirehouse (who became a bank.) We have created a full-service, cohesive firm for our clients and advisors.
As you continue your search we hope you keep us in mind. Ideally, we would love the opportunity to acquire an existing practice (should it be a good fit for the clients.) However, we would not turn a deaf ear to other scenarios (although we are not interested in being acquired or partnering with a wirehouse) if synergies and goals aligned. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you well with your practice.

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