We are a medium-sized CPA firm headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. We are looking to increase our client base through new business and merger and acquisition. We have four offices in Southeastern Michigan and 1 office in Lower Northern Michigan. We are interested in expanding our practice to West Michigan and to Florida. We provide individual tax preparation, business, nonprofit, and estate and trust tax preparation. We provide valuations from a CPA opinion of value to a full blow valuation, as well as succession planning. We are a teaching practice. Our leader is a United States Veteran who is known all over the United States as a leader in education for tax professionals. We employ interns and encourage employees to obtain degrees and certifications such as MBA, CPA and EA. We support our local community and businesses, as well as our local military organizations. On this site, we hope to get connected with other firms interested in merging with us and growing with our team of professionals. We believe a succession plan is the best exit plan for any CPA or accounting firm.

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