Whether you are looking to retire and find a home for your clients that you can trust will serve them in the same professional and caring manner you did, or are you looking to join a firm of professionals that are as dedicated as you to providing the highest level of service possible, we believe H&S should be your choice!

You are a great accountant, you might just be hitting a ceiling of complexity which you need to break through to reach exponential growth on the other side. As you grow your practice you will predictably run into the hurdles of building a business:
• Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent
• Overcoming downward pricing pressure on commoditized services
• Transitioning from a commodity provider to a strategic partner
• Adding high value services to a target market
• Partnering with a broad range of professionals to provide high quality specialty advice
• Leveraging technology rather than being replaced by technology
• Maintaining cybersecurity and data privacy
• Innovative and effective marketing strategies
• Creating workflow efficiencies to remain cost competitive while scaling

Our team will take all the things off your plate that are not your highest dollar per hour activities. You can focus your time on good case work, meeting clients, and acquiring new clients.

"After 20+ years of being my own boss, my only regret now is that I didn’t consider merging with H&S when I was younger; I would have had more time to enjoy the benefits and security of working with an exceptional team." Roger Guiney, Partner Since 2011

Our business is unique in that we help people achieve the goals they spend their entire life working towards. During this time we build deep and meaningful friendships with our clients that last a lifetime. It is a very fulfilling career that is difficult to retire from. We have extensive experience in helping accountants transition into
retirement while maintaining their legacy and maximizing the value of their practice. Our team will take all the things off your plate that you may not enjoy doing which allows you to focus on providing expert advice to your clients. You will have access to highly trained next generation accountants to introduce your clients to over time. You determine how much and who you want to work with as you transition into retirement while knowing your clients will be well taken care of. Selling your practice is one of the biggest business decisions of your life. It is important to find a buyer that has the experience and proven track record of maintaining and growing client relationships. We have successfully transitioned and fully paid out 19 accounting practice owners and counting!

"Joining H&S allowed me to retire with peace of mind that my clients were left in good hands." - Tyse Achterhof, Previously Achterhof & Lothschutz P.C.. Retired 2009


We’re more than just number crunchers. H&S Companies is a professional firm dedicated to providing outstanding, timely, and personalized service. Established in 1983, the firm has built its reputation on its entrepreneurial drive to develop innovative solutions for clients. We are proud of the long lasting relationships we have cemented with our clients, many of whom have been with the firm since its doors first opened. We have enjoyed consistent growth and presently serve over 15,000 individuals, businesses, and organizations located primarily in West and Central Michigan. By joining H&S you can focus your time on good case work, meeting clients, and acquiring new clients. We have a fully equipped team that can provide best-in-class support that includes:
• Administrative support of time keeping, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, software, and many other back office functions
• Integrated technology with in-house tech support
• Proven marketing plan development and execution
• Partnership with 85 tax, business, and financial professionals
• Partnership with top tier next generation and retiring accountants

Our 13 Convenient Locations:
• Big Rapids
• Cascade
• Downtown Grand Rapids
• Evart
• Fremont
• Grand Rapids - West
• Greenville
• Hart
• Lansing
• Mt. Pleasant
• Muskegon
• Reed City
• Rockford


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