$1.5MM Gross Revenue Tax Practice in San Juan Capistrano / My tax practice has been established for over 30+ years without any regulatory complaints. I currently work on approximately 1,000 accounts. Of which, approximately 700 of those accounts are individual clients stemming from all walks of life. Ranging from mid-level/upper management retail positions and construction workers to doctors, lawyers and architectural engineers. My other approximately 300 accounts carry a focus on S-Corps, C-Corps and LLCs.

I would like to retire completely within the next 5 to 10 years. However, my practice is very unique and more than likely will require multiple successors. So, I have the 5-10 year window as mentioned in play in order to build the proper team to eventually take over. My practice is very complex in the sense that it also includes an advisory and financial planning aspect to it as well. Ultimately, once the team is placed, I would continue on board for a durational period of time in order to service the accounts through the transition in order to ensure that my clients are tended to properly and this well oil machine that I've created is turned over without a hitch.

On top of what's been mentioned here, there is also a Real Estate element to my practice as well. This entails Estate Planning, Reverse Mortgages, Lending, etc., which can be covered in greater detail for those that have the interest in exploring this element a bit further with me.

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