Our e-Merge Program is a customized matching service for those interested in Merging or being Acquired.
Our goal and focus is to provide support through the entire M&A process, providing you with matches and introductions so you can find the ideal long-term relationship and gain success.
Success stories? We've got that.
Hear from just a few our members who have found success on Succession Link.
Bottom line... if you are looking to sell or merge your firm, e-MERGE program will increase the value of your practice by:
Providing defined job descriptions for key personnel, allowing buyers to easily see if there is a value in retaining these individuals.
Encouraging a business owner to assess his or her willingness to stay involved with the business after selling. And if so, for how long?
Having a strategy for transitioning client accounts to the new owner.
Member Breakdown
Registered Members
  • Total Revenue - $32 Billion
  • Total AUM - $3 Trillion
  • Total Requested Loans - $5 Billion
66% of our Members are looking to buy or merge with another business.
All members can join and register for
Step 1: Discovery and Registration
Work with one of our registration specialists to assist you in establishing a presence in the Succession Link marketplace by creating a listing for other members to find you. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or merge, our compatibility algorithm will pinpoint the best connections for you to consider. Our advanced messaging function allows you to connect one-on-one and control the visibility of your listing.
for services valued between $3,000 - $5,000+
Step 2: Initial Consultation
During orientation, e-MERGE members will be provided with:
  • New Member Orientation & an Assigned, Dedicated Engagement Consulted (Account Manager)
    • Schedule a new member orientation with one of our representatives to learn about best practices for utilizing our website and how to most optimally present your business goals and objectives. Our engagement consultants are here to assist with prospect outreach and status updates.
  • Complimentary Business Valuation
    • e-MERGE members are equipped with a comprehensive business valuation report to better understand their business and its potential (service valued between $3,000 - $5,000+).
$2,500 for service valuing $25,000+
Step 3: M&A Support & Planning
  • Succession Link Plus Subscription & Access to Chalice Network
  • Physical Introductions & M&A Support
    • Let us show you the way by offering white glove, end-to-end service through professional outreach, and secured capital.
    • Big moves require planning, insight, and knowledge. Don't do it alone. Tap into the expertise and experience of those who have done it before and have already learned the ropes.
  • Secured Financing
    • Get personalized guidance and access to capital solutions to support your M&A journey, and we'll be here to help you throughout the entire life cycle.
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