Grow the Employer Benefits side together. I love joint work. I started the NML group benefits agency for Western & Central MA in 1986. left 1997 because an inherited GA was embezzling the group corporation. I only work with people I can trust and want to build long term relationships with the agency and myself. Since I am not merging my existing book in Western MA because it won't work with joint work relationships here and of course everything is confidential-- Together we can build an incredible book of business--realizing I am older than you probably are--we will set up a Buy-out legal document to be determined. The only Central MA insurance agent I have found to be obnoxious is a person named Mike Papaz. If you have dealings with him than I am not interested. Why I have taken the time to write this is my marketing plan calls for me to work the MA/CT border from Western MA to Central MA . Our Revenue used to be $300,000--due to MA ACA I got hit hard because of many long term clients with full families. Also, I was diagnosed with a heart problem in 2014 that should have occurred in 2011. Then 3 months later, my 21 year old was killed in a tragic accident near his University in VA. we are finally out of the shock and are now dealing with reality. I am looking for joint work partner who maintains the high ethics and excellent reputation I am known for among the very best carrier reps and their underwriters. I have a P&C license and with a little tune-up as I would do the same for you we can cross market for Group and P&C. I scaled back my operations here in 2009 as the MA ACA hit 3 years before National ACA. I am very computer oriented and have trained most of my clients by email.

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