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National Insurance and HR Consulting Group is a full-service hire to retire outsourced HR solution for the most efficient businesses around the world. By offering matchmaking for HR services such as payroll, benefits, insurance, and retirement plans, we are paving the way for transparency in an antiquated industry.

We are located in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) and are operating in our third year of business. We utilize the best technologies in the world to manage people and operations. This allows us to span our reach globally and outsource workflows wherever they are most needed.

We are made up of former underwriters from the largest carriers, tenured consultants with vast experience in the 50-50,000 employee market who were recruited from Aon and Willis, and former ADP project managers.

As a startup, we have grown from 0 in 2014 to $170,000 in Monthly Run Rate in March of 2017 and we are the first organization to truly blend a wholesale (ADP, Paylocity and Paychex) Human Capital Management software consulting brokerage with an employee benefits brokerage. Now, having converged into a tech firm, we created ___ to take the Zenefits approach to another level by launching our own proprietary technology and we are looking for a tech-savvy benefits firm or an owner who does not want to have to completely change the way they do business but wants to either cash out, grow their book by joining our firm and leverage our contracts and software to enable them to be on the offensive side of this industry.

We are launching TrooPEO, a PEO/ASO solution in December 2017, and we expect to be the largest privately owned firm by 2027.

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