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Majority of business was re-writing annuities over the last 6 of 16 years for a major annuity company. Written over $60 million in premium in the last 6 years, just added AUM side to the business. I am a relationship builder with clients, not a systems guy for back office admin. I am looking for a practice to buy into that has a system in place for AUM. I will pay a premium for plugging into that system. I am only a one man show right now traveling to 7 states to re-write annuity premium. My biggest asset is having plenty of maturing annuities coming due that I can re-write. Downfall is I choose to travel quite a bit to write as much as I can, while I can. My master list of annuities coming due in the next 24 months or less is over $110 million. There is alot of money being left on the table that I cannot get to. I need a partner well versed in Indexed Annuities, possibly with a Securities lic to bring on AUM in these houses that I am uncovering. I just added AUM again, after 18 months, I have $9 mil in AUM just picking up from Annuity households. Hope this helps describe!

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