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WILLING TO BUY A BENEFITS BLOCK OF BUSINESS! We are in a growth/expansion mode and would like to consider buying and/or merging or partnering with similarly structured firms who might also be looking to grow, or looking to transition out of the business and sell all or a portion of their practice. We would specifically like to buy a benefits block of business, and would even be willing to transition staff associated with it. Alternatively we are looking to partner with any niche firms who might not offer some of the product suites we provide and would partner as a direct enhancement to their practice in any such area of need.

We are a family-owned and operated full service insurance brokerage, that also does securities business. Our largest market is the Association marketplace, that makes up roughly 85% of our practice. We also have concentrations in the privately held business space, and the affluent family markets. Our core business is employee benefits, P&C, and Retirement plans (over 70% of what we do & pursue), however we do a decent amount of individual business, life, disability, long term care, annuities, and investment and wealth management (financial planning). We also do true consulting for Associations and Business.

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