Fast sale needed. 19-year well-tended and cared for agency in Spokane, WA. Income averages $25,000-$32,000 a month plus a potential annual bonus of $50-$100K. 2700 recent seeded policies from Allstate in March 2020 and 2000 well-seasoned policies, too, from over the last 19 years in Spokane. Coming together quickly due to unfair termination. Please call or email to discuss.

The successful buyer will tender an offer only after being proven an acceptable buyer to Allstate. Those criteria are clean record and credit, business experience, $100,000 in working capital, able to secure the money necessary for the purchase, and agree to 3 Property and Casualty staff to open ready to go day 1 (March 1, 2021 or April 1, 2021). The offer should contemplate earnest money, the value willing to pay to purchase and the no-compete requirements.

Huge growth potential. True value is around $750,000 if not rushed to sell immediately and Allstate guarantees the TPP amount which is currently $332000. The TPP can be used as an asset for consideration with a lender for acquiring a loan to secure the purchase. Owner knows several lenders who specialize in purchasing and selling books and arranging loans to do such once connected.

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