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Michael J. Oana, owner of Michael Oana Retirement Planning Specialist, is an alumnus of the University of South Carolina and is extending this invitation to local students.

This apprenticeship offers extensive opportunities to learn about the stock market, the bond market, mutual funds, retirement planning, marketing, advertising, networking, and resumé building, and will receive college credit and pay after a 90-day trial period.

What does Michael Oana give his interns?

Real world industry experience
Connections and networking with other financial firms
Direct contact with clients
Potential for job opportunities

Michael Oana RPS was founded in 2005 with the belief that the interests of the client must always come first. Our clients are generally small business owners and retired business professionals. They are folks from middle class America, and are drawn to Michael Oana by our level of trust, professionalism, and our high degree of hands on service. Clients appreciate that we are a smaller boutique firm with access to a wide range of investments. Many came from larger firms where they felt like they were treated as a number rather than as a client. If you’re looking for an internship at an extraordinary company, Michael Oana RPS is the place for you!

Note: The process of earning academic credit for an internship at USC is a decentralized process and is determined by the department which offers your major. An employer cannot make this determination. Please see http://___ to determine who to contact for your major to inquire about receiving academic credit for this experience. If this is an unpaid internship, the USC Career Center encourages you to review the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) at http://___ It is the responsibility of employers to meet these guidelines.

About Michael Oana Retirement Planning Specialist

Experience each and every facet of the finanical services industry!

As Retirement Planning Specialists, we love helping our clients to plan and implement their retirement dreams whether it is a retirement full of travel, friends, or family. We take great pride in being the financial advisor of choice.
We measure daily success in hand shakes and hugs and we try to shift the burden of worry away from our clients.
Our education, training, hard work, and teamwork allow us to serve others while providing for our own families.

Michael Oana Retirement Planning Specialist is an independent company with securities offered through Summit Brokerage Services, Inc. Member FINRA & SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Summit Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser.
4408 Forest Drive Suite 2001, Columbia, SC 29206 (___-___-____

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