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We have lean, well managed operations and compliance which enable our firm to pass up to 75% of the management fee to IARs. Our files and intake processes are all kept in the cloud. Therefore, it doesn't matter where an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) is located. We are growing our business by providing the compliance, operations and marketing resources IARs need to manage their clients and grow their book. We have several internally managed strategies, and we partner with Morningstar Investment Services (MIS). MIS gives us access to a wide variety of best-of-class, extremely well managed, portfolios. Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) managed to our internal strategies clear through Interactive Brokers. The Morningstar Managed Portfolios SMAs clear through Fidelity or Schwab.

We are actively connecting with IAR candidates who may want to increase their percentage of the management fee. View our opportunity video and register for our IAR portal at the following URL:


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