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$75,000,000 AUM in Lakeland, FL
$500,000 REV / YR 65% FEE 35% COMM
Our book of business consists of Preferred Stocks, ETFs, Closed End Mutual Funds and a small amount of Variable Annuities. We manage approximately 300 accounts and roughly 65% of of the revenue generated is fee based. 90% are in a balanced portfolio that we manage that have had very good risk adjusted returns We been in the industry a number of Years.. We have two advisors and a Bilingual Top Notch Sales assistant We are looking to acquire or merge a practice similar to our own. Have office space for Advisor to join our Firm. Looking to out on your own? Talk to us. The BD is probably one of the most highly regarded in the Industry.
$316,000,000 AUM in Portland, OR
$1,500,000 REV / YR 100% FEE 0% COMM
Boutique money management firm with a 100% Fee-Only practice. Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with a 30+ year track record of successfully managing in-house, no-load mutual funds and separately managed individual stock, bond, fund and ETF portfolios for high net worth individuals and institutions. The majority (70%+) owner is open to selling 51% to the right buyer, and staying on for 3-5 years, as a minority shareholder/employee to ensure clients are properly transitioned. The firm’s 266 households average nearly $1.2 million in assets under management. The firm is blessed with six highly credentialed, experienced advisors, analysts and portfolio managers several with law and CPA backgrounds, advanced degrees, MBA’s, and CFA’s who average over 25 years of industry experience.
$16,000,000 AUM in Columbus, OH
$140,000 REV / YR 100% FEE 0% COMM
I work for a Multi-Family Office in Pittsburgh and am looking to relocate to Columbus. I was a Relationship Manager in Wealth Management for a National Bank for 8 years. I helped start a Multi-Family Office and have been involved in every business decision for the past 7 years. My current responsibilities include client advisory, portfolio managment, vendor management/evaluation, hiring, SEC/Custody Audit oversight and employee mentoring. I have extensive experience working with both self-made and inherited wealth. I am a CFP with direct client experience over my entire career. I am moving to Columbus to live with my fiancee. I would like to join a firm that is looking for a succession plan within the next 10 years. I am also open to purchase a small firm. I do not have a non-compete with my current employer and my clients are portable. I have been licensed before and will take the exams again.
$750,000,000 AUM in Cedar Park, TX
$10,000,000 REV / YR 40% FEE 60% COMM
The E.A. Buck Company has been serving families and their financial needs for more than 40 years by providing comprehensive financial planning services. Our purpose is “To be the difference for the working man”. To support that, we are actively growing our enterprise nationwide and have been recognized as one of the “500 Fastest Growing Firms in the Nation”. There are two types of advisors that would be a great fit for our company. First, the advisor looking to take their career to the next level. If you have found your success in the industry, but no longer wish to run your business, and would prefer to do what you love, PLAN – then you will love our platform and the unparalleled support we provide in areas of client acquisition, planning and systems and service. We would love to explore the benefits with you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the same profitability you have now, but without the headaches? Secondly, those successful advisors who are now ready to develop a strategy towards their retirement. If this is on your mind, we should have a conversation. Our firm can provide you the peace of mind to know that as you enter retirement, your clients are in great hands, supported by a first-class company to ensure their continued satisfaction as a client. We work with you to create a glide path into retirement that allows you to sleep well at night. In either scenario, our dedicated transition team is on the job to ensure a smooth transition. The thought of a transition can be daunting. Our team is skilled in taking this task, and making it seamless and pain-free as possible. Our team works to build, far in advance of your onboarding, a transition plan that is well thought out and understood by all parties. Your work to transition the book is minimized and you have full transparency throughout the process. Finally, after transition, you are further supported by mentors who help you to integrate into our systems and products, to ensure you are making the most of all we have to offer. Our platform proudly offers Securities, Life Insurance, Annuities, and minimal Alternatives as solutions to clients planning needs. Our CIO works tirelessly to ensure that all investments are vetted and due diligence requirements are met, giving you peace of mind. Finally, our advisors are supported by an advanced tech stack that includes propriety planning products. We welcome conversations that give us the opportunity to share further about our company, values, leadership, and support.
$35,000,000 AUM in Weymouth, MA
$170,000 REV / YR 100% FEE 0% COMM
I am an RIA; I manage approximately 120 accounts and 100% of my revenue is fee based. I am CPA with MST and PFS designation. CPA practice for 50 years, son has taken over practice and management of staff. IAR practice separate entity from CPA practice for last 15 years not dealer affiliated. Services provided include estate, retirement, tax planning as well asset management. Do not sell insurance or private placements, focus on mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs. The qualifications of potential merge/purchase must be Registered IRA, not dealer affiliated, fee only, client service 100% priority, focus on client risk, investments are transparent and liquid. Within, South Shore of Boston also looking for merger with buyout within 5 years. There is a growth potential unlimited, grew to 35MM without advertising or promotions. If this is something that you may be interested, please feel free to reach out
$110,000,000 AUM in Naples, FL
$525,000 REV / YR 60% FEE 40% COMM
Team that has scope to help transition a practice with depth of experiences. Our firm has helped many advisors through this process. We have a well established system to make the transition as smooth as possible for both the advisors and their clients. Timing: We tailor the retirement process to the advisor’s specific needs, whether it’s an immediate retirement or one spanning over 10 years. Valuation: To ensure every retiring advisor is getting the best and fairest prices possible for their practice we first provide objective third party market valuations and then utilize our experience with the tax planning aspects of these transitions to optimize the deal structure and payout plan. Client Centered Location and Quality: Our Team: We are a large firm of accomplished high quality advisors, most of whom hold professional designations like the CFP® and average 15 years of experience. Location: I am based in Naples but have other advisors on our team that are generally branded under one reputable firm name and we have offices nationwide. This gives your clients the luxury of having effortless local transitions and a brand they can trust. Profitability: Regardless of the deal structure, retiring independent is profitable proposition. We’ve designed proprietary technology to show you a true side by side comparison of retiring advisors at their current employer versus retiring with Rocky Mountain Wealth Management/ IHT Wealth Management. Contact us to check it out and start exploring your future.
$200,000,000 AUM in Rockville, MD
$1,200,000 REV / YR 100% FEE 0% COMM
Obsidian is a full financial services firm offering financial planning, asset management, succession and continuity planning. We are committed to helping both businesses and individuals by utilizing the most innovative financial tools to preserve, build and grow their wealth. We have several experts on staff with CFP designations. The cumulative experience and skills of our staff provides clients with the advantage of focused and tailored advice that is highly valued. We are located in the DC Metro area and manage approximately 200 million in assets for 180 households across 17 states. We believe in a strong team culture and a ‘client-first’ approach. Partnering with Obsidian will prove to be a benefit to all parties. Your clients will continue to receive the service they deserve, and you will benefit from a thorough succession and transition plan to relax and enjoy your retirement. You need to know you're joining an organization that aligns with your values and the culture you need to succeed, lets schedule a conversation to ensure you can have confidence in your transition.
$328,000,000 AUM in Portland, ME
$2,090,000 REV / YR 100% FEE 0% COMM
Our firm is one of the ten largest independent investment advisory firms in Maine with more than $330M under management. We have a uniquely talented team, and lead deep, planning based relationships with our clientele. Our firm recognizes the importance of business scale in our efforts to serve clients without compromise. While we continue to experience strong organic growth, its logical to consider whether our clients would benefit from the addtional team resources that inorganic growth may provide.
$175,000,000 AUM in San Diego, CA
$1,250,000 REV / YR 78% FEE 22% COMM
We are Tidemark Financial Partners, with 15 years in the industry and a collective of staff with varied experience, we are well suited to meet the needs of most any practice. Our practice is based in San Diego, CA with an investment process centered on serving clients needs and goals. The majority of our accounts are Advisory model based with customization possible for certain client situations. Till this point we have grown our $170 MM business organically but are now expanding via acquisition. We are interested in purchasing a practice as well as possibly merging with a soon to be retiring advisor. Our primary concern is finding a practice with the right fit for all involved but we are flexible and glad to discuss with anyone interested.
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