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My background as an estate attorney and nurse is valuable as I provide high-touch comprehensive financial and investment planning services to individuals, families, and small businesses. My firm has grown through referrals by over 20% per year over the last 3 years, allowing me to add a junior advisor who recently passed his CFP exam. I acquired a practice in 2005 while at a wirehouse, and gained valuable experience transitioning the book of business and converting it to fully fee-based with 100% of clients having a financial plan. In 2010 I joined a hybrid RIA at an independent broker dealer, and opened a private office with two dedicated staff in 2013. While I have successfully grown my practice through referral, I would like to compliment this organic growth by acquiring a small to medium size book of business. Having completed his CFP(tm) and two years of internship with me, my junior advisor -- who is also my successor -- is ready to take on new clients under my continuing mentorship. My focus has been on working with families across the generations, small business owners, and young professionals. I meet my elderly clients in their homes, where I can assess their situation broadly and engage family and professionals where necessary.

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