Succession Planning Resources

At Succession Link, we understand that buying and selling a financial service practice isn’t as simple as writing a check in exchange for a book of business. While we strive to create the most comprehensive and serviceable marketplace of financial practices available nationwide, the complexity of business transactions often calls for support outside our realm of expertise. To address this, Succession Link has partnered with a number of professional services that are experienced in various merger and acquisition processes.

Our third party resources address areas of concern typically associated with the sale of a financial service practice. Specifically, our legal, lending, and transition service partners collectively allow Succession Link to provide buyers and sellers of financial service practices with one of the most extensive open markets in the M&A industry.

Listing as a resource partner with Succession Link gives professional service oriented businesses of all sizes the opportunity to connect and engage with the industry’s top financial advisors.

Succession Link is a nationwide platform with a growing database of advisors looking to buy, sell, and merge financial service practices.

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