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I a CFP(R) located in Scottsdale, AZ, and I am part of Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists (CRD# 169045). We are an independent, full-service RIA dedicated to helping our clients preserve and protect their assets. The firm’s independence enables me to establish working relationships with a number of industry leading financial service firms and insurance providers. I leverage their products to create customized portfolios, and I only recommends those products and services that are specifically tailored to suit my clients’ unique needs and circumstances. I pride myself on acting as a fiduciary for my clients and growing long lasting relationships.

Currently, the CEO, Scott Householder, and I are looking to acquire a practice for me in the Valley. Prior to joining Householder Group I worked for Schwab Private Client Investment Advisory, and I was managing $300Million and over 150 households. I chose to leave Schwab that was solely an investment manager so I could fully utilize the CFP(R) designation to help my clients in all aspects in their financial lives. I work with my clients to first establish a Financial Plan, and then assist them with implementation of recommendations. Householder Group manages an aggregate of over $4Billion. We have the procedures, manpower, and experience to acquire a large book of business.

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