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I have a small core of clients remaining after a 4 year long divorce/child custody fiasco that practically took me out of business. I am back up and running, beginning to build my business again and re-take prime position in my client's minds as their go-to guy for all things investment-related. I would like that to be all things "Financial", with an emphasis on planning, but for this group, at least, I am firmly entrenched in their perceptions as an investment manager.

I've earned a good deal of respect and trust as an investment manager and my clients consider me to be "the smartest guy" they have working for them in this area. It's something I work hard to maintain, voraciously assimilating information relevant to what I perceive to be the core necessary to offer Financial Advice and Investment Management services on a fiduciary basis.

I have completed insurance (Life- term & permanent) sales, annuities (variable and indexed), Financial Plans, etc. I am looking to re-invent myself as I originally intended, and as everyone in our business would like to advertise themselves: a Wealth Manager/Financial Planner, managing a healthy part of my client's lives while supervising a team of professionals for the disciplines necessary to provide turn-key service (accountants, p&c insurance, attorneys, trust services, banking, etc.). Additionally, I am well-suited to advise small-mid sized business owner's ($2-$50, $50-$500 million revenues) succession planning and possible conversion to ESOPs, having a background in valuation that affords me a unique perspective when determining what a business is worth. I feel that small businesses are underserved in this area and have been getting bad advice and valuations from many of the existing providers in the field. I have extensive experience doing valuations in environments where the metric aren't traditional and/or clear having been an analyst with Goldman, Sachs & Co.'s Communications, Media & Entertainment (formerly Technology) Investment Banking Group during the early years of the Internet/Telecom/Communications boom, leaving that post in 1998.

I hope to find either a business to buy to give me critical mass to expand and become what I had originally intended yet been derailed from, or a business to merge with towards the same end. Merging is not my first choice by a long shot, though.

I currently work with my father who is a Life & Health Insurance specialist and has been an active producer at the top of his field since 1964. He is also the reason I am with a small captive B/D of an insurance company... or with a broker/dealer, at all. I intend to drop the Series 7 sooner rather than later as I don't use it-- at all-- and it just serves to be a drag on my business through the unnecessary compliance requirements and middle man who does less than nothing.

I expect that this description will remain private. If not, please let me know and I will edit or delete it.

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