We are one of Puget Sounds largest RIA wealth management firms, registered with the SEC, with seven CFPs, one CFA and an enrolled agent. We have a complementary tax practice for our NNW clients and focus on comprehensive wealth management services for HNW. In 2015, we recently combined two firms in the Tacoma, WA area that had similar client relationship values, business models and synergy. We are looking to grow in our area and are interested in finding firms that are relationship and planning driven. We are client first; our practice is founded on family, community, holistic and fiduciary values. We are looking to merge/purchase only firms who fit this value system. With multiple generations of CFPs ,we plan to keep the practice running with the current staff for 30 years. We have completed two successful succession plans and one merger. We started as a small family business over 40 years ago and have merged with lifelong friends of over 30 years. We plan to keep our small boutique experience with our clients as we grow and currently in the 2nd generation of ownership.

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