Loreen Gilbert has been in private practice since 1997. Since its founding in 2005 and the transition to LPL Financial, WealthWise Financial Services (WealthWise Financial) has grown organically to $185 million in AUM serving business owners, their families and high net worth individuals in 20 states. Approximately $135 million is in individual assets and another $50 million in retirement plan assets. In 2015, we successfully merged our first advisory practice through the assistance of LPL Financial. Following that acquisition, we concluded that the firm was well-positioned to accelerate growth through the acquisition of high quality advisory practices across the state and beyond. Consequently, a scalable platform and support structure were established to enable the merger, acquisition and integration of other boutique firms. The objective of our growth initiative is to leverage the knowledge, skill set, reputation and operational platform that has accounted for the firm’s historical growth.
WealthWise Financial has a Chartered Financial Analyst on staff and its founder, Loreen Gilbert, CIMA, AIF, serves as the principal and lead advisor. Our clients are supported by two administrative assistants. Marketing support is provided by retained experts specializing in social media and national media-driven public relations, both of whom are chartered with promoting the firm’s branding and reputation, its practice strengths and its financial advisors.
Our tagline is “Wealth Management Redefined”, which we implement through our values of Integrity, Competence and Care. Every service we offer is specifically designed to meet our clients’ unique life goals, needs and wants with professional, objective and actionable advice. We are creating a brand that is committed to excellence in financial planning and implementation of personalized financial strategies for high net worth individuals and business owner clients. We have also implemented a Robo platform for our millennial investors and for those individuals who are just starting to invest.
We are actively seeking to expand our reach by acquiring practices from advisors who desire to have their clients well-cared for by a firm committed to the goals of their clients. LPL Financial has made the commitment to assist the expansion of WealthWise Financial Services with the financing of qualified practices. Deal structures can be customized to the situation. We also understand that key staff and offices may need to remain in place. Ultimately, we are looking for a win-win situation for all parties.

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