We have purchased 4 practices since 2017, so have a stream-lined, seamless process to repaper your clients accounts. It makes no difference if you are with our broker/dealer and RIA or another. All you will have to do is introduce us to your clients, and we will take care of the rest!

Our team is an independent custom comprehensive investment and financial planning firm working with business owners, executives/professionals, and retirees. More specifically, we specialize in the areas of investments and retirement income planning. We have built our business organically through long-term relationships, a high retention rate, and introductions. Rest assured, any clients or introductions from your book (as well as ours) will have no minimum account size. No matter how small or large of an account, all our clients are treated with the same dignity, care and attention. We are a hybrid RIA with access to outside custodians like Schwab, and utilize LPL Financial as our broker/dealer. Our team is looking to acquire a book of business, or merge with someone that is looking for a successor. We have offices in Plymouth and Coon Rapids with full-time staff.

Let us know if you would be open to an initial conversation over coffee or lunch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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