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Full-service financial planner who believes that a financial plan is the most important, non-negotiable service we provide to clients.

Currently managing $20m of clients orphaned at existing broker-dealer. Have managed to further and deepen relationships, uncovering assets that were held at other firms.

I use the latest technology to interact with clients remotely; GoToMeeting, shared screens, eMoney, Skype. I have clients in 19 states, and 4 time zones and my service model allows me to meet with them 4 times a year thanks to technology.

I am looking for an advisor who is forward thinking, and not stuck in the past model of advising. Someone who realizes that the survival of their firm depends on reaching out and interacting with the next wave of investors how THEY wish to be contacted, not how YOU wish to contact them.

Over the next 30 years, $30 trillion will be passed from Baby Boomers to Gen X to millenials. 66% of clients heirs fire their parents advisor. I'm looking to add value to an advisor who is ill-equipped to connect with technologically savvy clients half their age, and who represent the future of their firm.

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