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I want to build a top tier, premier financial planning and execution business that will help clients to achieve their financial goals. I know that my best talent is in working with clients, and managing the relationship and strategy, and that is why I've continued to hire great staff to support this mission. With the compensation method, I know that increasing AUM is vital, and increasing AUM quickly is just as vital. We deliver a high value, high tough, very customized level of planning for each client. It takes time and resources. We need to get higher on the payout grid to direct more of our client's fees towards us, the people doing the heavy lifting, and away from our broker-dealer. Buying out a practice will help to immediately increase AUM and fees flowing through the grid, which will have an immediate impact on gross revenue I receive (higher %) for our existing clients. The fees generated from new clients will go to paying the retiring financial advisor, and to hiring additional staffing to ensure we provide the same level of service and support to those new clients. We want the retiring advisor to feel they have left their clients in good hands. We want those clients to feel their retiring advisor matched them with a great team that will serve their best interests at all times. My hope is that in 10 years when those clients see their retired advisor at Starbucks, they will stop and thank that person for making the introduction to us. I am not looking to earn additional personal income on an acquisition until the buyout has been completed. I just want to help more people, and provide a higher level of value to our existing and new clients, and to have a more consistent revenue stream as a result. What we do: Financial Planning for all clients. Fee-based fiduciary financial planning with an increasing number of our clients. Insurance and wealth management execution for clients, utilizing a diverse mix of strategies and company products. Retirement income planning and a platform to fully integrate and monitor retirement plans and client spending. We're as close to independent as possible while still maintaining access to the insurance products strength that Northwestern mutual can deliver. I have a team of 5 staff, and my investment management staff was trained by the former #1 advisor at NM before he left a couple of years ago to go to a different platform.

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